Feel the Magnitude of God’s Love

Every sin is forgiven, even your worst one.

Posted in , Feb 1, 2022

Perseid meteor shower; Getty Images

When this priest had offered for all time one sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God. Hebrews 10:12 (NIV)

I love crafts and recently stenciled a plaque for my office. This white board with black lettering speaks to my soul. The wording is simple and the message clear: “All Your Sins Are Forgiven—Even That One.” The sign doesn’t match my historic home’s decor. Yet it’s necessary. This reminder keeps me grounded in Jesus’s limitless love. Just as important—maybe more—I need to trust that I am forgiven. For everything, even my sins that seem unforgivable. When Jesus came into the world, He walked with tax collectors, prostitutes, the demon possessed, and lepers. He selected a man named Saul as His disciple, a Roman who’d spent his life persecuting believers. Jesus found the good in each of these people and taught them to see it in themselves. In His supreme wisdom, as He hung on the cross, He forgave everyone. His purity covers us for eternity because He paid for every sin—past, present and future. Not just the tiny misdoings but even the worst, shameful, most vile thing we’ve ever done, been, or thought. Yes, even that. I live in the joyful knowledge of Jesus’s boundless devotion, but when I forget, I can look at the sign in my office and be reassured. Every person is forgiven, even me. Every sin is forgiven, even my worst one. Yours too.

Faith Step: Make or purchase a sign that helps you accept the magnitude of His love and forgiveness. Hang it in a prominent spot to help you remember.

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