Jesus Will Never Let Go

You will find the sweetest rest in Jesus’ presence.

Posted in , Apr 5, 2021


Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1 (NIV)

“Word of the Year” is a popular practice these days. With God’s help, you choose a word for the upcoming year, and then focus on living that word for the next twelve months. This year I chose the word “rest.” But a few months into the year I started to think I missed God’s voice. I’ve done everything but rest.

I was offered several new ministry opportunities, ones I’d prayed for. I’m so thankful for these open doors, Lord. But how can I rest when my schedule is this packed? Jesus used a comment from my friend Beth to change my perspective. She said, “Maybe the Lord wants to teach you how to rest in Him, regardless of how full your schedule is.” Of course, that was how Jesus functioned.

As I pondered His life, I realized Jesus did all God called Him to do but never became stressed. I can’t imagine Jesus clapping His hands in impatience and shouting at His disciples, “Come on, you guys—row this boat faster! We have to get across the Sea of Galilee before noon. We have sixty-five healings to perform and a crowd to feed before the sun goes down.” His sense of joyous peace came from within the deep places in His heart where He often fellow-shipped with God in prayer.

I rarely have the luxury of sitting in an empty room and meditating or taking a leisurely walk in the woods. But I can always—as I teach a child to pray, exercise, visit the sick, or do housework—connect with the Lord. His presence is where I find the sweetest rest.

Faith Step: Today, instead of listening to the radio as you drive somewhere, listen to Jesus. Sing Him a song of praise and then hear His loving response in your heart.

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