What Are Your Spiritual Magnets?

Ask Jesus to help you prepare a special place to meet with Him.

Posted in , Sep 28, 2021

A lush clearing in the midst of the woods; Getty Images

Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.” Mark 6:31 (NLT)

Years ago, my husband had a job assignment in northern Minnesota. When I flew out to see him, we decided to visit a nearby wolf sanctuary. Richard had a phone call on the way, so he pulled off the tree-lined highway and stepped out of the car to get a better signal. I got out to stretch my legs and strolled toward a separate stand of trees up a slight incline. Just ahead I spotted a small clearing, lit by slanting rays of sunlight. It drew me like a magnet and soon I found myself standing in an open space surrounded by tall trees. I stood, looking up as though mesmerized, vaguely aware of the muffled sounds of cars passing down the highway—yet at the same time enveloped in the quietness of the woods.

I’ve never forgotten that moment that seemed almost magical. It reminds me of how God has designed us with a built-in need to commune with Him. We live in a noisy, hectic world. Even Jesus needed time away for rest and renewal. It isn’t always easy to find that “quiet place,” especially for parents. Even if we live alone, it can be hard to get away from the noisiness and chaos in our mind.

I find it easy to connect with God through His creation, but right now, I live in a city subdivision. So I have created a quiet place in my home for my prayer time. I sit in a certain spot with my Bible, journal, and favorite pen. Nearby is a scented candle that I find soothing. These are “spiritual magnets” that draw me in to a place where I can find rest in Jesus.

Faith Step: If you don’t have a consistent routine for quiet time, ask Jesus to help you prepare a special place with spiritual magnets of your own.

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