Devotions for Good Health

Birds flying during sunrise; Getty Images

When You Can’t Sleep

In anxious moments, when you can’t find peace of mind or rest in body, you can turn to Jesus.

A woman eats a healthy breakfast in her home as sunlight pours in.

A Devotion for Good Health

Your body and well-being remains in God's hands.

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A Devotion for Anxiety

A Devotion for Anxiety

Turn your burdens over to Jesus for a peace that only He can give.

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For when you feel lonely

God's Love for When You Feel Lonely

Try this tip the next time you need to feel God's love.

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Recipe to Cure the Blues

A Recipe to Cure the Blues

Discover the secret to feeling better...

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Devotional writer Marion Bond West

A Devotion to Refresh Your Spirit

Marion Bond West demonstrates how God shows His love in tender ways.

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An Unspoken Answered Prayer

How God Answered Her Unspoken Prayer

A prayer for God's wisdom leads to a lesson on trusting Jesus.

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Roberta Messner

Healing Body and Spirit

A Christian devotional about an inspiring recovery

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