God's Love for When You Feel Lonely

Try this tip the next time you need to feel God's love.

Posted in , Jan 19, 2017

For when you feel lonely

He with earthly cares entwineth, Hope and comfort from above; Everywhere His glory shineth: God is wisdom, God is love. —John Bowring, hymn

I was shopping for a birthday card for my daughter. As I scanned the rows of cards words leaped out at me: “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.” “To my beloved wife.” “Happy Anniversary, Husband.” My happy mood was gone and familiar traces of depression settled on me. I was alone with no husband or sweetheart.

Then I glanced at a row of cards with different captions. “Thinking of you.” “Just to say hello!” “To someone all alone.” No, I wasn’t the only lonely person in the world.

When I went home I started writing letters to people that I thought might be lonely. I told them I was thinking of them, that God loved them and I would be praying for them.

I was no longer alone and, suddenly, I no longer felt depressed. I felt God’s love all around me.

Now, whenever I get lonely I write people to remind them that God loves them — and me, too.

How can I be lonely, Lord, when I can reach out to others and to You.

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