Devotions for Loved Ones

broom sweeping front doorway

Grandmother's Wisdom

A heartwarming devotion excerpted from Daily Guideposts 365 Spirit-Lifting Devotions for Grandmothers.

Woman in a church

Who Helps the Helper?

Women tend to be helpers. They can’t help it. God made them that way. From the foundation of th ...

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A mother with her young daughter

Bless Mothers Everywhere

Mary, the mother of Jesus is a role model for motherhood, holiness, obedience and humility. Today ...

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A pair of men's shoes

A Father's Day Prayer

How a dreaded holiday became a happy one, thanks to the healing power of God's love.

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Daily Guideposts contributor, Ashley Wiersma

A Devotion to Help Strengthen Your Marriage

The message that helped her overlook her husband's flaws and find gratitude.

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Daily Guideposts contributor Ashley Kappel

Daily Devotion: Planning the Perfect Wedding

A Christian devotion for an overwhelmed bride-to-be.

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Devotional writer, Julia Attaway

The Flavor of Faith

Do you know God better than you did a decade ago?

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Life Saver candy is a symbol of Mother's love and God's everlasting promise.

Daily Devotion: Circles of Grace

A Life Saver candy is a reminder of a mother's love and God's everlasting promise.

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Tough times for new mom Karen Valentin

A Parent's Prayer

A new mom is reminded that when times are tough, love and faith are always there.

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A comet speeding across the nightsky helps a grieving daughter

A Glorious Sign from Heaven

A grieving daughter receives God's reassurance her mom is okay.

The Red Sign

God is listening and will protect us

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Her Son's Faith

Ruth Stafford Peale was worried about the seminary her son chose to attend.

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