A Parent's Prayer

A new mom is reminded that when times are tough, love and faith are always there.

Posted in , Apr 10, 2011

Tough times for new mom Karen Valentin

Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.” John 14:8

Bills are late, I’m putting way too much on my credit card, the overcrowded apartment is a wreck and my writing deadline is about to slap me in the face. I want to head for bed, not because I’m sleepy, but to disappear.

I sigh, frustrated. Tyler crawls over and pulls on my leg to get me to pick him up. I sit down on the floor instead, burying my fingertips into his curly hair. He smiles. His dimples, two tiny teeth and huge brown eyes penetrate my frazzled heart. “I’m sorry, baby boy,” I say with a knot in my throat. I feel like a failure. So many bills, not enough money. I want to give them more.

My father’s words echo in my ear. “I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more. I wanted to give you so much.” If he could, he would have bought me a house, provided money so I could see the world, and given me savings to keep me secure for the rest of my life. Now I understand the regret in his words, but I also recall my response.

“Papi,” I said, hugging him tight and kissing his cheeks. “You’ve given me more than you will ever know. The love you and Mami have given me makes me rich in ways that money could never satisfy. You’ve given me everything I need, and I love you so much.”

Tyler touches my face and wakes me from my reverie. Brandon sneaks up from behind and throws his arms around me. Tyler cracks up and dives into my open arms. I hug him close and press my cheek to Brandon’s head, which rests on my shoulder. “It’s enough,” I tell myself, knowing it was always enough for me. My love is more than enough.

Jesus, Your love is always enough, even in the hard times.

This devotional is excerpted from Daily Guideposts: Your First Year of Motherhood and is reprinted with permission from Guideposts Books and Inspirational Media, Guideposts.org. Copyright © 2011 by Guideposts. All rights reserved.

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