Devotions for Inspiration


Jesus Is Your Safe Place

Is something going on in the world that has you feeling shaken?

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Rediscover Your Childlike Wonder

Notice the miracles around you, big or small, and thank Jesus for what you see.

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How to Overcome Your Shortcomings

A little humor can change your whole perspective.

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A Quick Tip to Help You Get Along Better with Others

Develop this habit that will increase trust and joy in your life.

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A Simple Way to Brighten Your Day

Write down the things you want to remember about Jesus.

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A Devotion for When You Are Grieving

Ask Jesus to bless you in your loss.

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Open Your Heart to Forgiveness

When you release the burden of a heavy heart you experience Jesus’ love in action.

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A Devotion to Help You Overcome Your Fears

When facing doubt and uncertainty, make Jesus your trustworthy counselor.

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Tired and sad woman


The receptionist told Anne and her mother that the doctor was running forty-five minutes late, bu ...

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Who Was Noah's Nameless Wife?

I wonder how Noah’s wife coped when she looked out and saw no sun. Where did she fnd hope?

refreshment for a tired mom

Devotion for a Tired Mom

Devotional writer Tricia Goyer discovers Jesus always gives you what you need.

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Devotionals for the First Year of Motherhood

Devotionals for the First Year of Motherhood

Christian moms share the faith that guided them through this very special year!

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Just Love Him

A new mom learns to put worry aside and embrace faith and love for her child.

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Daily Devotionals for First-Time Moms

Daily Devotionals for First-Time Moms

How to keep up a relationship with God during this very special year!

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