While you sleep and dream, your spirit is awake to the messages it needs to hear, understand, and process. Listen to your dreams!
A beautiful, yet mysterious beach with a dramatic sunset.

The Meaning of Dreams: 7 Spiritual Dream Symbols

So what exactly could God be telling you in your dreams today? Here are some spiritual interpretations of common symbols.

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An African-American woman catching up on beauty sleep.
God's Grace

How Dreams Reconnected Two Sisters

Why did she keep dreaming of her mom and estranged sister?

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Dreaming of Denmark
Inspiring Stories

Mysterious Dreams of Denmark

For someone who rarely remembers her dreams, this far-away country poses a puzzle.

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An artist's rendering of her mother's hand reaching for Debbie's ankle
God's Grace

Mother Knows Best: A Visit from Mom Put Her Back on Track

Entangled in a series of troubled relationships, she didn't know where to turn—until a surprise visit from her mother pointed her in the right direction.

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Finding a purpose in life
Power of Prayer

4 Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life

How to uncover joy in your life and ways to help others

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Entertainer Arthur Godfrey
Life After Death

Guideposts Classics: Arthur Godfrey on God's Mysterious Gifts

In this story from March 1950, beloved entertainer Arthur Godfrey recalls a time when his life was changed by a divinely inspired dream.

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A lush, green forest by the Adriatic Sea.

A Heaven-Sent Dream Come True

Mama's dream didn't make sense at first...

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Taraji Henson
Finding Life Purpose

Push Through Your Fears

Actress Taraji P. Henson is an example of not letting fear get in the way of her dreams.

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What Does a Miracle Look Like to You?
Inspiring Stories

Where You Can Find a Miracle

An old leather suitcase embodies the dreams and hopes of a family.

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Dreaming big with God's help
Motivational Stories

Don't Give Up on Your Big Dreams

Hard work and blessings on a writer’s journey.

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