While you sleep and dream, your spirit is awake to the messages it needs to hear, understand, and process. Listen to your dreams!
Getting promoted takes preparation. How Guideposts blogger Michelle Medlock Adams prepared for the assignment of a lifetime.
Finding Life Purpose

Preparing for Promotion

Getting ready for the assignment of a lifetime.

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Edward Grinnan and his new inspirational puppy, Grace.

The Inspirational Puppy

I felt something inside me give, something that had been clenched since the moment Millie died. 

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How God helps us fulfill our dreams by his faithfulness
Finding Life Purpose

How God Fulfills Our Dreams

A young woman's hopes for an education become a reality–after a 12-year incubation.

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Do you dream big? Let God help you.
Finding Life Purpose

Do Your Part So God Can Do His

If you've been waiting for God to do something extraordinary in your life, ask Him what part He wants you to play.

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Seun Adebiyi in the NYTimes
Living With Cancer

Cancer Survivor Seun Adebiyi Is “Living Breath to Breath”

Though the courageous American Cancer Society ambassador is in remission, he still lives by the mantra that got him through cancer: This too shall pass.

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When God places big dreams in your heart.
Finding Life Purpose

God Puts Big Dreams in Our Hearts

All you have to do is believe it, receive it and run with it.

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An father adopting sons learns about God's perfect timing.

Expectant Father: Waiting with Joy

In the adoption process, God's perfect time brings frustration, then joy.

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