While you sleep and dream, your spirit is awake to the messages it needs to hear, understand, and process. Listen to your dreams!
Expert Dr. Judith Orloff explains what your dreams tell you about your life.
God's Grace

Lessons from Our Dream Chat

Our dreams often reveal advice and insight we can use to examine our lives.

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How a nurse's dream saved a baby
God's Grace

This Nurse’s Nightmare Saved a Life

The dream didn’t make any sense, until I got to work that night…

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Guideposts: The Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral: An Inspiring Masterpiece

Join us as we explore some of the wonders of the Cologne Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece more than 600 years in the making.

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Dr. Judith Orloff with interpret your dreams in a live chat on Mysterious Ways Facebook page.
God's Grace

Join Our Dream Chat Today!

Want your dreams analyzed? Find out during our Facebook chat with Dr. Judith Orloff.

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How to get to your goal and not quit.
Positive Living

Making It to Your Goal

Falling short of the goal line doesn’t mean failure. It means you get back up and try again.

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God's grace matters when we struggle with our problems.
How to Pray

Sufficient Grace in Times of Struggle

The good news is that God never gets tired of us, our problems or prayers.

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Guideposts: Judith Orloff, M.D.

What Do Dreams Mean? Our Readers Asked An Expert

Have you ever awakened from a strange, even wondrous dream and found yourself asking what it meant? Mysterious Ways readers were given the chance to ask an expert, Dr. Judith Orloff.

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Getting promoted takes preparation. How Guideposts blogger Michelle Medlock Adams prepared for the assignment of a lifetime.
Finding Life Purpose

Preparing for Promotion

Getting ready for the assignment of a lifetime.

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