While you sleep and dream, your spirit is awake to the messages it needs to hear, understand, and process. Listen to your dreams!
An father adopting sons learns about God's perfect timing.

Expectant Father: Waiting with Joy

In the adoption process, God's perfect time brings frustration, then joy.

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Dream come true: Kathy with her sons, Bobby and Nic, at her Honey Bee Café
Finding Life Purpose

Living Your Dreams After Tragedy

A close-knit Amish community and a forgotten old building in Sugarcreek, Ohio, lead to a fresh start for a young widow and her children at the Honey Bee Café.

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Norman Vincent Peale
God's Grace

Easter, Day of Glorious Hope

Norman Vincent Peale reminds us that Easter experiences happen every day.

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Positive Living

Wisdom Quotes

Enjoy these words of wisdom from celebrities and Guideposts readers alike.

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Rainbow over Los Angeles.
God's Grace

Look for the Rainbow

A personal sign from God for a worried mom leaving a daughter behind in a big city.

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An artist's rendering of Lina's three angels

The 3 Angels of Quito

How a little charm, a chance encounter and a phone call helped her find her wings...

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Shawnelle's son, Samuel, swimming.

A Parent's Joy

It’s a fulfillment of hope. It’s what we wish for. Dream about. Strive to have happen.

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She Got the Message

A dreamy visit from a favorite teacher lets a young woman know she is appreciated.

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