Earth Angel

Angels walk among us every day, Earth angels who bring wisdom, love, and inspiration to our lives.
An artist's rendering of a a white egg atop a stack of brown ones in a henhouse

Angelic Treasure in the Henhouse

Among the brown eggs was one as white can be–with a message meant just for him.

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Ben Simon, founder of Food Recovery Network, and students boxing up food

Students Turn Leftovers into Meals for the Hungry

A college student discovers how to trim campus food waste and help those in need. 

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Little girl walks home through crowd of fans

A Disney Dream Come True

This community banded together to create a real-life fairytale for a little girl with terminal cancer.

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An artist's rendering of a couple in a small boat with a fog bow over them

A Divine Sign in the Mist

The fog enveloped them in its haze, hiding them from sight–but she felt safe and at peace.

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Little girl gets her hair cut

Little Girl Has an Inspiring Reason for Getting Her Hair Cut

When it was time for Emily to get a haircut, she decided to chop it all off for a good cause.

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Old woman laughing on couch
Positive Thinking

A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness

When her neighbor needed to get to the store each week, Evelyn went back to driving school, got her license and lent a hand.

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Couple kiss while renewing wedding vows.
Finding Life Purpose

Olympic Skier Fulfills Couple's Lifetime Wish

Olympian helped this couple recreate their epic love story and renew their vows.

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An artist's rendering of an engagement ring

Lost & Found: An Angelic Reminder

How would she tell her husband that she had lost her engagement ring?

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Boy and dog sitting together

This Story About a Boy and His Dog Will Leave You in Tears

A boy and his three-legged dog prove that true friendship can overcome any obstacle

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Bobby Simma sits at a piano with several copies of sheet music
Work Life

The Keys to Success

He had a knack for knowing a good instrument when he saw one.

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