Earth Angel

Angels walk among us every day, Earth angels who bring wisdom, love, and inspiration to our lives.
An angel figurine
Devotions for Women

The Little Angel That Helped Me Cope

The gift was a God-send, helping me through a tough time.

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Edward A. Joseph
God's Grace

Inspired to Be Forgiving and Flexible

An assistant principal receives a heavenly helping hand in dealing with a troubled student.

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Stefani Twyford

Inspired to Bond with Distant Cousins

An online overture from a relative enlivens her interest in their shared history.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin

Angels in America

Everyone says that people are getting worse, selfish and remote. But these earth angels prove otherwise.

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An artist's rendering of a pair of aquatic angels

Brought Safely to Shore by Ocean Angels

The turbulent tide was pulling her farther and farther from shore. Would she survive?

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An artist's rendering of an angel searching the horizon from a ship

Inspired by a Heavenly Hunch

A Coast Guard Auxiliary skipper had a feeling that someone needed help.

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Stories of Hope blogger David Morris
Emotional and Mental Health

Asking for Help, and Accepting It

We all have moments when we must reach beyond ourselves and wait for something to happen, as one woman did on September 11.

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Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan's dog Millie on the Appalachian Trail
Emotional and Mental Health

The Inspiration of a New Dog

Dogs change our lives. They make us more human. And they love in a way only they can love.

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Luciano Anastasini with several of his Pound Puppies
Managing Life Changes

Having Faith in Misfit Mutts

An injured daredevil restarts his circus career with a little help from some pound pups.

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Susan Stone and her dog Smoky Joe

A Four-Legged Angel to the Rescue

An injured rancher, cornered by a protective heifer, is rescued by a loyal pooch.

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