Earth Angel

Angels walk among us every day, Earth angels who bring wisdom, love, and inspiration to our lives.
An artist's rendering of Phyllis's angelic bank teller

Banking on an Angel

A woman of modest means is made to feel like a million bucks by a heavenly teller.

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Justin and his friend, Mumbah
Service Animals

A Mother's Prayer Is Answered by a Special Friendship

An autistic child finds his first true comrade in a very unlikely setting.

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

An Unexpected Earth Angel

A simple compliment from an everyday angel—what a nice start to my day!

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A Somebody Loves Me bear
God's Grace

Finding a Way to Feel Loved

A woman struggling with marital troubles is inspired by a gift from a little girl.

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Ben Breedlove
Life After Death

Ben Breedlove and the Angels

Do you believe in angels? This young man did—and he wasn’t afraid to let the world know.

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Lenny Martelli joins St. Joseph's coach Phil Martelli at midcourt

Pray, Hope and Don't Worry

A mother's entreaties for healing for her paralyzed son are answered by a pair of unexpected visitors.

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Angels Were Near

How did you spend your holidays? I spent mine with family all around me.

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Car in blizzard conditions.

Rescued by a Mysterious Stranger

When snow stranded us, I wondered how I’d get my babies home. Until a stranger pulled up.

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A brick layer plies his trade
Managing Life Changes

Still on the Job

A man who fills in when a contractor misses a delivery seems sent from heaven above.

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An artist's rendering of an airborne bunch of red balloons

Balloons from Beyond

A widow missing her departed husband is presented with a special token of their love.

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