Earth Angel

Angels walk among us every day, Earth angels who bring wisdom, love, and inspiration to our lives.

Logan Eliasen returns to the scene of his rescue.
Answered Prayers

A Divine Rescue from the Depths

Out for some fun spelunking, he now was trapped. Was this the end for him?

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Lauryn thanks the amazing group who saved her life.

Saved by Angels

Weighing just 79 pounds, Lauryn Lax was deathly ill when eight strangers intervened.

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Lauryn Lax, now healthy and strong
Coping With Illness

To Feed My Soul

She didn't have the will to battle her eating disorder until caring strangers intervened.

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An elk pulls a marmot out of a water tank with it's mouth.

Meet an Unlikely Hero

Watch as baffled Idaho zoo officials discover the reason for an elk's amazing behavior. 

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operating room photo with three angelic lights in background

Angels Along for the Ride

I was afraid because I didn’t know what lay ahead for me...

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Citizens of Solano county set up a welcome sign for veteran's new home.

Community Remodels Veteran's Home

Jacinto Bernardo returned from Iraq to a renovated home, thanks to his community.

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An artist's rendering of a Native American angel
Living With Cancer

The Angel in Front of Me Calmed My Cancer Anxiety

A line at the bank was not what she needed after chemotherapy–or so she thought.

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Elliot being nourished and loved by his mother.

God Shows His Grace Through This Baby Boy

Watch this moving story of a baby who inspired millions despite living just 99 days.

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John recollects saving Roxie as his number one achievement.

An Unforgettable Hero

Watch John reunite with the little girl who made him an inspiring hero. 

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Guideposts: An artist's rendering of a donkey at the manger

On a Donkey's Back

From that very first Christmas in Bethlehem, this animal has been the essence of humility, hard work and devotion.

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