Earth Angel

Angels walk among us every day, Earth angels who bring wisdom, love, and inspiration to our lives.

Dave Hickman chats with Mary Ellen Suey, whose life he saved in 1955.

An Overdue Hug for a Hero

Watch as Dave Hickman is reunited with the woman he rescued as a newborn–in 1955!

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Aretha Franklin plays and sings in the recording studio.
Positive Living

Singing from the Soul

She knew no one who appreciated soul music–until she made a cross-country move.

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Actress Roma Downey
Movies and TV

Roma Downey on Prayer

The actress talks about prayer and the power of her role on "Touched by an Angel."

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A photo of a pretzel vendor's wares

National Pretzel Day: The Angel of Times Square

Lost in a desolate section of Manhattan, could a pretzel vendor be an angel in disguise?

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An artist's rendering of an angel in a quilted dress and with quilted wings

Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt

With her husband gone and her friends dispersed, there had to be a way to reconnect.

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angel wing

The Little Blond Angel

A desperate woman in an abusive relationship is rescued by an unlikely angel.

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An artist's line drawing of Curt's salesman friend
Positive Living

The Angel Who Taught Him to Care

His business career began with a chance encounter with an angel of a salesman.

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An artist's rendering of a coyote angel

A Coyote Guide

She and her dog were shown a new path, a new perspective, by an unlikely angel.

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Kimberly Jones with students in her science classroom
Emotional and Mental Health

A Heavenly Higher Education

She was praying for help in making it to college, but was anyone listening?

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An artist's rendering of the Virgin Mary surrounded by cherubs
Managing Life Changes

Blessed Journey

Florida was a long way from Chicago. He hoped he was making the right move.

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