Earth Angel

Angels walk among us every day, Earth angels who bring wisdom, love, and inspiration to our lives.
Mysterious Ways blogger Diana Aydin with her mother

My Wonder Mom

I suspect God reserves a special kind of power just for mothers. One that transforms them into a force to be reckoned with.

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Mary Cassatt, “Mother Combing Sara’s Hair,” 1901

The Angel of Madison Avenue

A group of strangers helped her see her mother's eccentric behavior in a new light.

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A pomeranian

Here Comes the Sunflower

She had no coins for the woman, but her Pomeranian's gift was of more value.

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A cat on the alert
Coping With Illness

One of a Kind Feline

She was usually allergic to cats, but not the one who entered her life to look after her.

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A golden retriever

Our Very Own Dog for a Day

Though they couldn't keep the golden retriever, they were glad he was theirs for a day.

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A hand reaches with a tiny blue gift box in the open palm.
Managing Life Changes

Her Mother's Loving Arms

Though she dearly missed her departed mother, an unexpected gift from a friend brought her comfort.

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An artist's rendering of a happy outdoor wedding

Just Perfect!

She hoped to give her daughter the wedding of her dreams, but could she pull it off?

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A trio of singing birds
Positive Living

Singing a Different Tune

She was having trouble keeping a positive mindset–until she heard a trio of singing birds.

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Elderly woman smiling
Positive Living

Years of Kindness Rewarded in a Special Way

This elderly woman gets a huge surprise after years of bringing joy to high school students.

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An artist's rendering of a bluebird on the wing
Coping With Grief

Her Blue Angel

An oversized bird's persistence made her feel she was being sent a message.

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