Earth Day

Earth Day celebrates our most precious resource, the planet we inhabit, and calls on each of us to do our part to preserve the Earth for future generations.
Jane Goodall, author of "The Power of Hope"
Positive Living

Positive Reading: Jane Goodall's 'The Power of Hope'

A relationship with nature underpins the primatologist’s optimism in challenging times.

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Spring cleaning for Earth Day
Positive Living

Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips for Earth Day

Some surprisingly easy changes can help you freshen your home while caring for the planet.

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Dog holding biodegradable waste bags
Life Advice

6 Ways Animal Lovers Can Celebrate Earth Day

Follow these tips to protect our planet and all its creatures. 

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4 prayers for Earth Day
Holiday Prayers

4 Prayers for Earth Day

How to celebrate and strive to protect the glory of all God’s creation.

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How to celebrate earth day
Positive Living

How To Celebrate Earth Day

Four new earth-friendly habits you can acquire this year

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Waimea Canyon
Inspirational Bible Verses

15 Bible Verses for Earth Day

Enjoy these Scriptures celebrating God's creation.

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Celebrate God's creation on Earth Day! Photo: pixabay.
God's Grace

God’s Green Earth

Why not write a poem, journal entry or meditation about what Earth Day means to you?

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Outreach Ministries blogger Katie Allen Berlandi
Positive Living

Small Kindnesses

I started making a list of things people can do to put a smile on others' faces... little ways to do outreach.

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Illuminating Angels: Cemetery Angels

See Beautiful Cemetery Angels

See the stone angels that stand guard in cemeteries across the country.

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