Easter is a time when we celebrate the miracle of Jesus' resurrection, and we renew our faith in Him as the Messiah.
Actress Patty Duke
Positive Living

Guideposts Classics: Patty Duke on Trusting in God

In this story from January 1963, actress Patty Duke explains how playing Helen Keller helped to strengthen her faith.

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Devotional writer, John Sherrill
Daily Devotions

A Devotion for Easter Monday

Stray Easter grass reminds John Sherrill that Easter isn't a day. It's a promise to keep in your heart all year long.

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Ken and Daniel Trush

An Easter Sunday Miracle

All appeared hopeless, but on Easter Sunday, he finally got the sign he’d so desperately prayed for...

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Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen
Daily Devotions

Jesus Replaced My Darkness with Light

I could never earn it. Never, ever deserve it. It’s a grace gift that’s rich with the most powerful kind of love.

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Paula's cross of woven palm fronds, on a background of purple velvet
Work Life

An Unexpectedly Joyful Holiday

She thought she was stuck at her job on Easter, but she really was blessed.

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An artist's rendering of a young girl building a sand castle at the beach
Special Needs Children

Sea of Angels

Her daughter had swum out too far and gone missing. She prayed for angels to assist her.

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Devotional writter, Cynthia Ruchti
Daily Devotions

Daily Devotion: Jesus' Triumphal Entry

Does your “Hosanna” turn quickly to “Jesus, what are You doing?” when crises hit?

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painting of Jesus jorisvo / Shutterstock.com
Emotional and Mental Health

The Message of Easter

God promises that there is nothing to fear in life or even death itself.

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An illustration of a cottonwood's pink blossom encased in ice

Hope Came Tapping at Her Window

Another long, gray Dakota winter. She didn’t know if she could survive it.

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Devotional writer, Erin Keeley Marshall
Daily Devotions

Daily Devotion: A Time for Rebirth

Whatever season of happiness or sorrow you are in today, celebrate God's gift.

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