Easter is a time when we celebrate the miracle of Jesus' resurrection, and we renew our faith in Him as the Messiah.
An artist's rendering of a young girl building a sand castle at the beach
Special Needs Children

Sea of Angels

Her daughter had swum out too far and gone missing. She prayed for angels to assist her.

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Devotional writter, Cynthia Ruchti
Daily Devotions

Daily Devotion: Jesus' Triumphal Entry

Does your “Hosanna” turn quickly to “Jesus, what are You doing?” when crises hit?

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painting of Jesus jorisvo / Shutterstock.com
Emotional and Mental Health

The Message of Easter

God promises that there is nothing to fear in life or even death itself.

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An illustration of a cottonwood's pink blossom encased in ice

Hope Came Tapping at Her Window

Another long, gray Dakota winter. She didn’t know if she could survive it.

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Devotional writer, Erin Keeley Marshall
Daily Devotions

Daily Devotion: A Time for Rebirth

Whatever season of happiness or sorrow you are in today, celebrate God's gift.

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Lori Durham places an Easter ham on the table for her husband, John.

Add a Pinch of Prayer

Cook? She had no idea how. Still, Easter was her chance to impress her new beau.

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Lori's Easter Ham

Easter Ham

This is bound to become a family-favorite recipe.

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An artist's rendering of an angel in an Easter basket
Emotional and Mental Health

The Best Easter Basket Ever

Godiva chocolates, red-velvet eggs and fancy jelly beans–who could ask for more?

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin
How to Pray

How to Pray in the Rough Times

The psalms provide words of prayer even in the hardest times. They invite believers “to lay the whole mess before God.”

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Guideposts writer, Elizabeth Sherrill
Daily Devotions

Keep Easter in Your Heart

Experience the power of Easter today and every day.

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