Easter is a time when we celebrate the miracle of Jesus' resurrection, and we renew our faith in Him as the Messiah.
Discover the Ancient Art of Pysanky
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Enjoy Beautiful Easter Eggs

Discover the beautiful and ancient art of pysanky.

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When you're Eastern Orthodox, you get to experience Lent and Easter twice!
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Easter (And Lent) on a Different Calendar

When Eastern Orthodox Lent approaches in mid-March, I’ll be ready!

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What is Ash Wednesday?
Power of Prayer

Why Observe Ash Wednesday?

Some answers to questions about the day that marks the start of Lent, the penitential period before Easter

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Blue eggs in a nest. Photo: Thinkstock.
God's Grace

The Sign in the Wreath

Bright blue eggs in a twig nest deliver a message of Easterrebirth, starting anew.

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Cross at dawn. Thinkstock.
Positive Living

When Easter Is Over

Claim Resurrection powerpower over sin, power over fear, power over darkness.

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Key Lime Pie with one slice missing

The Missing Slice of Pie

How a wedge of lime pie came to have sin, forgiveness and love all wrapped up together.

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Jesus Christ answers doubts of Saint Thomas. Thinkstock.
How to Pray

Pray the Thomas Prayer

A great way to begin your prayers during the post-Resurrection Easter season

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Parent holding a child's hand. Thinkstock.

Giving Your Children to God

That Easter morning, sitting in the car by myself, I truly gave my girls to God.

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Inside of an amaryllis flower taken at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
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Inside the Tomb...Jesus Arose!

I don’t need to physically see Jesus. He resides in my heart. He helps me, guides me and speaks to me.

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Porch steps. Thinkstock.

A Good Friday Plea

Lonely on the holiest day of the year, a little girl prays for a miracle.

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