Easter is a time when we celebrate the miracle of Jesus' resurrection, and we renew our faith in Him as the Messiah.
Sunflower Peeps Cake

Sunflower Peeps Cake

This easy and adorable dessert is the perfect treat for Easter or any other spring occasion.

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After the Easter egg hunt, Mary Lou delights in leading the grandkids in a song and a story.
Managing Life Changes

The Secret of Sunflowers

My sister and I used to do all the baking for Easter together. But at our age, how many more did we have left?

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A robin on a branch.
Positive Living

Easter Always Comes

It was a long, cold winter. And hard to imagine Easter. Then Mom’s call came...

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Norman Vincent Peale
God's Grace

Easter, Day of Glorious Hope

Norman Vincent Peale reminds us that Easter experiences happen every day.

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Two angels next to Jesus, the risen Christ

Illuminating Angels: The Easter Angel

Celebrate an angel's role in the Easter story–sharing the news of Jesus' resurrection.

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Mop and bucket. Thinkstock.
Daily Devotions

Cleaning Up the Soul for Easter

It's a lot easier to take note of the standout sins and ignore the subtle ones.

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A pair of pink and blue angels

An Angelic Messenger

Something told her to bring two cloth angels on her first visit to a new church.

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An open Bible. Photo by Todd Sadowski, Thinkstock.
Power of Prayer

10 Bible Verses to Banish Fear

Fear hits all of us–but here is Scripture to help you get beyond it, to something better.

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Lent, spring cleaning for the soul! Photo by Benjamin A. Peterson, Thinkstock.
Prayer Stories

10 Questions to Consider During Lent

God wants us to examine ourselves and meditate on Him, His Word and His plan for our lives.

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