Expect the Unexpected

Stories of a car crash and an angry Facebook post ended with surprising results.

by - Posted on Oct 9, 2014

Adam Hunter

So much in life is predictable. But at Mysterious Ways, we know that things may not always be as they seem. Just because you’ve seen it all before, doesn’t mean you know the master plan. Two stories that went viral this week made that perfectly clear:

The Miracle of the Jolly Rally Valle d’Aosta
I felt a sense of dread watching the video below. It’s from an Italian racing event last weekend. I was sure it would end in catastrophe, death, horrific injuries at the very least. Well, see for yourself:

In fact, everyone survived.

You can actually see the moment in the video where the car is about to topple onto the panicked spectators, but inexplicably rolls back towards the road. Even the drivers escaped without major injuries.

Why You Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
Whatever happened to people keeping their thoughts to themselves? When a New York City commuter was annoyed by a passenger sitting next to her on the subway, she made a post to Facebook making fun of him.

Angry Facebook post

As it turned out though, this hipster gum chewer had a heart of gold… 

Apologetic Facebook post

Needless to say, the ashamed commuter has vowed to reevaluate her attitude.

How about you, readers? What story have you heard or read that reached a happy conclusion nobody could have predicted? Share your “unexpected endings” with us.

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