Faith and Prayer

Faith is a source of comfort and hope in everyday life and when you grapple with profound questions. Your faith life is enriched through prayer as well as when you read daily devotions. Bible verses can deepen your faith and offer strength and joy for each day. Prayer stories remind us of the power of prayer.

Angel Pendant is a heaven-sent gift.

Jesus Fixes the Broken Pieces of Our Lives

A thoughtful gift is a heartfelt message that Jesus redeems our brokenness.

A woman clasps her hands in prayer

You Are a Temple of God

The Bible calls your body a temple of the Holy Spirit. ...

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Man sitting peacefully on a mountain

The Tenth Mile

I try often to thank my husband, Kevin, for the hundred ways he helps my 94-year-old mom. ...

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Caregiver listening to senior woman


“Good morning,” Mrs. Johnson said as I walked into her room at the assisted-living residence, ...

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A smiling woman

Peace of Mind

As you grow your faith, realize that there is nothing i ...

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Food bank volunteers

Leap for Joy

Today, ask God to help you focus on one specific quality about you that pleases Him. Then ask Him ...

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Adult daughter and senior mother having tea together

Fear Born of Love

Patsy Cline’s soulful voice floats into my bedroom in my mother’s house. I’d moved in with ...

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A woman of faith

Give It to God

There are circumstances in life beyond your control. Instead of putting your energy into trying t ...

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Orange and white cat

Old Jade

When my husband John’s mother moved in with us due to her declining health, we worried how she ...

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Head bowed in prayer

Why Bowing is an Essential Part of Prayer Life

Here are five indispensable things it can do for us.

A woman prays alone in church

Come, Holy Spirit

When you feel depleted and need spiritual refreshment, ...

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Senior couple walking on the beach


I sat on the couch with the laptop. Voices came from the speakers, people talking about ...

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What’s Your Chocolate-Covered Cherry?

Although Larry, my beloved husband, had died more than six months before, ...

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A woman sits on a lakeside pier at sunrise

Be Like God

Spend time with God. The more you know Him and aspire to be like Him, the more you will be guided ...

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Sun shining in the forest

Sharing Fear

Mom was diagnosed with cancer in her jaw, and soon after surgery she began ...

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A woman on a hill gazes out at hot-air balloons in flight

Heal Hurtful Memories

Today, decide to heal a memory. Reflect on a time when you felt rejected. Take a deep breath and ...

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