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Inspiring Verses That Involve the Number 22

The number 22 haunted Ellen Gillette, who lost her son one August 22—until a session with her Bible revealed chapters and verses of that number that brought her great comfort.

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Do Great Things for God

How is God calling you to spread His light?

Scrripture to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Bible Verses About God's Love

The Bible is filled with wisdom to help you recognize your gifts and the unique blessings you bring to the world. We hope these uplifting Bible verses for self-esteem will help you go from feeling distressed to blessed.

 Know the God of the Impossible

Know the God of the Impossible

Open your heart to God's amazing power and release limitless possibilities.

Psalm 23

The Empowering Words of the Bible

Do you have a favorite verse that strengthens you in tough times?

Attune Your Heart with Hymns and Psalms

The Power of the Psalms

Discover the power of the psalms in this uplifting excerpt from this month's Bible Club Newsletter.

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Is That in the Bible?

“God works in mysterious ways” is nowhere in the Bible, but it was inspired by faith.

Favorite Psalms

Favorite Psalms for Comfort and Hope

We asked you, our readers, for your favorite psalms and we've collected some of your wonderful responses.  Here's a slideshow of the Bible verses that uplift, inspire and encourage.

Even in the hardest times, God is always with you. You're not alone.

Bible Verses for Depression

Even in the hardest times, God is always with you. You're not alone.

bible verses for healing and hope

Bible Verses for Hope and Healing

Take comfort in these Bible verses about hope and healing.