Devotions for Men

Daily devotions for men are part of a routine that's grounded in faith and the desire for your best life. With a devotional for men, you can have daily insights and encouragements at your fingertips. Start your daily practice and witness the power of devotions for men.
A silhouette of a man in contemplation on a jetty as the sun sets.

How God Gives Unclaimed Treasures

Finding everyday spiritual blessings reminds us that we're richer than we think. Excerpted from Daily Guideposts 2020.

A woman eats a healthy breakfast in her home as sunlight pours in.

A Devotion for Good Health

Your body and well-being remains in God's hands.

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A jellyfish using camouflage to hide with the ocean and other jellyfish.

When You Feel Vulnerable

Use the shelter of His embrace to draw strength in life's challenges.

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king-size treat on Halloween

A King-Size Treat on Halloween

A devotion to help you appreciate the sweet moments in life.

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Boreal owl in autumn leaves

See God After Loss

Sometimes when everything seems lost, all that’s left is to wait...and trust our Father to make things new again.  Excerpted from Daily Guideposts 2019.

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Plan a 'Worry Hour' to Help Ease Anxiety

Plan a 'Worry Hour' to Help Ease Anxiety

If you have difficulty letting go and letting God, try this.

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A silhouette of a man going for a morning run.

Cure for Worry on a Morning Run

When you can't get out of your head, get with loving friends that will lead you back to God.

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Abraham Lincoln

Presidents' Day Devotion

Beloved Daily Guideposts author Brian Doyle reflects on the single greatest American story ever told.

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Memory Lane street sign, rural road in sepia

The Gift of Memory

Beloved Daily Guideposts author, Brian Doyle, reflects on the glorious moments that live inside us.

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Edward and GRacie

Life Lessons from Gracie the Dog

See life through the eyes of love in this uplifting devotion from Daily Guideposts.

A smiling woman writing her New Year's resolutions in a journal

What's Important About This New Year

A new approach to making resolutions.

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Colorful Christmas gifts underneath a Christmas tree.

The Miracles of Christmas

Are you anxious about getting everything done in time for the holidays?

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A Devotional Thought from Ret. Col. Chaplain Ken Sampson

A Devotional Thought from Ret. Col. Chaplain Ken Sampson

Army Chaplain Ken Sampson distributes booklets and countless copies of Guideposts magazine to the soldiers to whom he ministers.

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A woman with her hands up to the sun in victory.

A Devotion for Those in Recovery from Addiction

Addiction is one of the greatest scourges, a kind of terrorism of the soul...

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