See God in Every Moment

An amazing vacation helps this devotional writer see heavenly beauty in every day.

by Aug 8, 2014

Bill Giovannetti

They see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep. Psalm 107:24 (NKJV)

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so our family took the leap: a trip to Hawaii! As we settled into our friend’s Oahu townhouse, I noticed the stress fade from my wife’s face.

The kids played in the yard, and we packed for the beach. A short drive, perfect sand, crystal-blue waters, refreshing trade winds, the scent of plumeria, and a happy family–days melted into each other and added up to heaven. Too bad we don’t live here, I thought.

Our trip then brought us to Maui.  We embraced our inner tourists and visited a pineapple plantation, shared a luau, and even rode a submarine.  We saw the teeming life on a coral reef thirty feet beneath the surface. I wish I could see this every day, I thought.

That afternoon, my daughter and I rented snorkeling gear and headed toward the beach. We had only two days left and hadn’t yet tried snorkeling. Our condo sat beside a coral reef, filled with beauties beyond compare: fish every color of the rainbow, large and small; urchins; anemones; and spectacular creatures whose names I didn’t know. Too bad we put off snorkeling till the end of our trip, I thought.

But later I embraced a simple truth: From my wife’s smile to my kids’ laughter to my dogs’ wiggling welcome–wherever life brought me, I just had to open my eyes to the wonders of God right outside my door.

Gracious God, grant me wisdom to feel more deeply Your ever-present joy in everyday life.

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