When You're Struggling to Reach a Goal

When You're Struggling to Reach a Goal

A long trek to see a waterfall serves as a wonderful life lesson to help you achieve your goals.

beautiful waterfall in Central America

READ: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119: 105

REFLECT: On vacation in Central America, a friend took us into a rain forest. We drove for hours to a dirt road. From there we had to walk every step. Soon we could not see the sky, as the trees grew so thick and tall. Just when I felt that I could not take another step, we entered a huge clearing.

A beautiful waterfall cascaded into a pool, tropical flowers gave off a sweet scent and brightly colored birds flew through the mist. Never had I been so aware of the way God lavishes His beauty on the world.

But soon our friend led us away. After just a few minutes of walking we reached our car.

“That beautiful waterfall was so close to the road. Why did you take us the long way around?”

Our friend answered with a grin and a wink, “Old Spanish proverb says that nothing in life is appreciated so much as the thing you must struggle for.”

PRAY: Dear God, please make me more like Jesus, Who kept His eye on the goal of eternity with You, instead of the day-to-day journey of getting there.

DO: Picture in your mind the finished product or the end result of the thing you’re working toward.  Let that vision renew your energy to complete the task.

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