Daily Devotion: Angels Brighten Our World

I am truly thankful for the earthly angels who brighten my world almost every day.

by - Posted on Dec 16, 2013

Person shoveling driveway to help a neighbor in need.

In this vision he saw an angel of God coming toward him. Acts 10:3

"Susan Days are always good days,” my granddaughter Olivia said when I dropped her off at school. Olivia has some lingering memory problems caused by a traumatic brain injury and needs extra help with algebra. My friend Susan’s willingness to tutor twice a week is the answer to prayer, and Olivia looks forward to it.

The next week, in Sunday school, our conversation turned to angels. “God sent angels to earth back in Bible times,” someone said, “but I don’t think that happens today.” Some people agreed, but others had experienced angelic visitors or instances of help coming in inexplicable and mysterious ways.

The church bell ended the discussion, but as we prayed, I thought of Susan and other earthly angels who’d blessed my family. There was Orville who lent me his pickup when a rock shattered my windshield. He also arranged to have the windshield replaced.

When I was on vacation, a hiker warned me not to try a trail that looked easy. “The middle two miles are a steep grade,” she said. I’m not a climber and would have been in trouble without her advice. A young friend, Wes, helped us clear snow from our long drive, so we could get to a doctor’s appointment.

I’d love to be visited by a heavenly angel, although I would probably be afraid! At the same time, I am truly thankful for the earthly angels who brighten my world almost every day.

Dear Jesus, help me make today a “Susan Day.”

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