Don't Worry! Talk to Jesus.

Use this devotion and faith step to help you conquer your fears.

- Posted on Aug 15, 2014

Dianne Neal Matthews

Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” Matthew 6:27 (NLT)

As I unpacked my suitcase, I mentally reviewed the past five days. This had only been my second time to teach at a writers’ conference, the first time at one I’d never attended. The week had been energizing and productive. And not a single one of the things I’d worried about had come to pass.

My flights had been on time. I’d had no trouble finding the shuttle that went to the somewhat remote conference center. My luggage arrived the same time I did.

Plenty of people had shown up for my workshops, and I found that I hadn’t forgotten to bring any of my notes or visual aids. My mind never blanked out, and I didn’t run out of material way before time for the class to end. I even received positive comments, both verbally and written on the evaluation forms.

True, that button did pop off my waistband minutes before one class started, but with a safety pin, it all worked out. All my pre-conference worrying had been a big waste of time.

After I got home, I read an article about how research links anxiety and worry to diseases that can shorten our lives. But Jesus already knew that a couple of thousand years ago. When He spoke to a crowd one day, He pointed out the futility of worrying.

Jesus promised to provide everything we need if we concentrate on loving Him and doing His will above all else. I’m so glad that Jesus understands my propensity to worry about every little thing. And I’m grateful that He has given me the remedy to break this harmful habit.

Philippians 4:6 advises me to talk to God about everything that concerns me. A heartfelt, ongoing conversation with Jesus beats indulging in worry any day.

Faith step: Do you have a problem with worrying? Ask Jesus to help you replace your anxiety with trust. Write out Philippians 4:6 on a note card and keep it in your wallet so you can read it whenever you’re tempted to worry.

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