Graced with God’s Bounty

God answers her prayer with a beautiful lesson in this preview of Guideposts Daily Planner 2018.

by - Posted on Sep 25, 2017

God's beautiful bounty

When I was nineteen, I lived alone and barely scraped by. Disaster struck when an accounting error cut my paycheck by half and I had to wait a month for reimbursement. The rent was due, and it took every cent I had to pay it.

I was too proud to tell anyone about my problem, and a week before payday all I had left was a box of spaghetti. I carefully divided the spaghetti into seven piles. “Lord,” I said, “if you could teach me that trick with the fishes and loaves, I’d really appreciate it.”

I had scorched the only pot I owned, so I cooked the spaghetti in my copper teakettle. As I broke that day’s pile in half so it would fit, tears streamed down my face. Hadn’t God heard any of my prayers?

It seemed ludicrous to say grace, but I did and I felt better. After my pitiful dinner, my friend unexpectedly stopped in. Deb had noticed I’d been losing weight, and finally I admitted that I was broke.

She called her husband, who brought over six bags of groceries, and made me promise never again to let pride keep me from asking for help. God had shown me His bounty, not with fishes and loaves, but through the concern of a loving friend.


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