Heaven's Zip Code

The next time you get overwhelmed thinking about the upkeep of your home consider this Scripture and the message behind it.


Heaven's Zip Code

Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens, and birds have nests. But the Son of Man doesn’t have a place to call his own.” Matthew 8:20 (CEV)

A woman I work with couldn’t give me her home address. I imagined the possibilities. Homeless? Evicted? Memory loss? Living out of her car? Sleeping on a friend’s couch? Witness protection program? The answer was much simpler—and more complicated—than that. She and her husband were in the process of moving. Their current address wouldn’t be viable for long and her new address wasn’t “hers” until they signed the final papers.

Jesus had a home with His earthly parents while growing up. But as an adult, after His ministry began, He had no home, according to Scripture. Not even a “tiny house” in a friend’s backyard. Have you wondered why?

In biblical times, a home was a cultural sign of manhood. Owning property indicated that one was established, successful, part of the community.

I believe Jesus didn’t have an earthly address because He didn’t fit in with this world. He was—as we are—a temporary sojourner. He couldn’t afford the upkeep—the time or attention—of a home on earth. It would’ve distracted from His primary purpose—to serve, speak God’s truths, and show God’s heart. He belonged to all people, not one community or one neighborhood. And He belonged on the throne. Jesus didn’t need a temporary earthly address during His ministry years. He stayed on the move. And He had a permanent address. We’ll share His zip code for eternity.

FAITH STEP: Are you fussing over upkeep when He’s calling you to open your home for outreach?

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