Jesus Solves Your Problems

When things go wrong keep your focus on Him and the promise of His deliverance.

- Posted on Apr 30, 2018

Jesus Solves Your Problems

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. Psalm 34:17 (NIV)

Yesterday our 2002 vehicle decided to take a break. From us. One hundred miles from home. Luckily, there was a repair shop close by. The repair shop hauled in the car while I texted my husband, Scott, who was back in the Bay Area: “Call me now! Car emergency!” When he called, he requested that I define “car emergency” in my texts to mean something like “Car Repair Emergency.” That way he knows we are all alive.

Later, on the way home with Scott, I had a minibreakdown, mostly because I was scared about what the repair guy might say when he finally called. I sent up prayers like, Okay, Jesus, how are You at healing engines? and Do You know of a car fairy who could drop off a new smell-free car at our house before we get home? Thankfully, the car was able to be repaired.

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I get so worried about how we are going to work everything out. The daily struggles of life can weigh me down. But . . . I don’t want to get pulled down in the muck of anxiety that keeps me stressed and fearful. So I am trying to look up. To the One Who is not worried at all. In fact, He is not only not worried, He is already taking care of us, working everything together for good.

Jesus has a way of working things out, even when I’m stressed out and scared. He promises to deliver me from all of my troubles. Not some of my troubles. All. And I’m learning to keep my focus on Him and the promise of His deliverance.

FAITH STEP: Meditate on Psalm 34:17. Remind yourself throughout the day that Jesus delivers you from all of your troubles.

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