Prayer of Tears

Prayer of Tears

While praying for a stranger, an indescribable feeling of holiness came over me.

Daily Talks with God author, Karen Barber

As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Luke 7:38

I had volunteered to pray at the altar with those who came forward with requests at the Sunday evening prayer service. A woman approached and handed me an index card with a prayer request for her parents. She knelt down on the cushion on the front side of the altar rail, and I knelt down on the wooden floor on the other side.

She placed her hands on the rail and bowed her head. I placed my hands on top of hers, closed my eyes and began to pray.

Since I knew very few of the details of her situation, I didn’t feel I was praying for her as well as I should and my prayers didn’t seem very eloquent.

That’s why I was surprised when I felt a teardrop fall onto the back of my hand. Another came, and then another. An indescribable feeling of sharing a moment of holiness came over me.

After I had finished praying, the woman wiped her eyes and we hugged. I remembered how Jesus had been bathed with a woman’s tears and I felt privileged to have been His representative for a brief moment to receive the gift of tears offered to Him from one of His beloved daughters.

Father, help me to receive someone’s tears in Your name today.

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