Quiet Time with Jesus

I once thought my goal for devotional time was to learn as much about God as I could.

- Posted on Sep 15, 2012

Devotional writer, Tricia Goyer of Mornings with Jesus

When I first started quiet time I thought the goal was to learn as much about God as I could. I read commentaries and studied books. Then one day I felt God whispering to my heart, "You know about Me, but take a moment and just love Me. I'm right here." After that experience, I continued to study but I also have made sure to simply spend time in Jesus' presence.

I wake up before anyone else. With my husband, our college student, a teenager, my grandma, and a one-year-old that's the ONLY time it's quiet. In addition to sitting down with my Bible and journal, sometimes I'll read while I'm on my recumbent bicycle. I'll read Scripture and then close my eyes and pray for various concerns. Sometimes I sit on my couch with my Bible, a journal, and a few devotional books.

For me, quiet time only works if I grab my Bible as soon as I'm awake. If I "just check on email" or "throw in a load of laundry," I usually get distracted and off course. When I sit down, I also pray and ask God to open my mind and my heart. I ask Him to lead me to the Bible passage He has for me. I don't try to rush through it just to get it done. God's revelations don't come in perfect 10-minute time slots.

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