Tap into Jesus' Limitless Resources

Ask Jesus to make your faith as big as He is, not merely as big as your logic.


Tap into God's Limitless Possibilities

 "Elisha said, 'Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don't ask for just a few.' " 2 Kings 4:3 (NIV)

How big is your God? That's a silly question. He's as big as ever. He's the God who created the world, parted seas, raised the dead, paid for our salvation with his Son's life. Maybe a better question is, How big is your faith in your God? Yesterday I spent time praying over various needs—mine, my family's, my loved ones', the world's. As I laid concerns at Jesus' feet, I yearned for a reminder that He would be as big—if not bigger—than what I hoped for.

And then this morning I read the story from 2 Kings 4:1-7 of the poor woman and her oil jars. It spoke directly to my prayers. Elisha knew absolutely that he served the limitless God. I love how he instructed the woman to collect jars and then added, "Don't ask for just a few." He knew that God would provide beyond what the woman knew to ask for. The oil flowed until the woman and her sons ran out of jars—which leads me to assume it would have kept flowing if they had collected ten times as many jars!

Many generations later Jesus met another desperate woman with great big faith. (See Luke 8:43-48.) She had been sick for twelve years, but she knew that all she needed for complete restoration was to draw close enough to touch his robe. She didn't need a specific prayer formula, educated words, impressive skills, the right look. Nope. A little bit of Jesus was enough for her need. Imagine how much more fulfillment a whole lot of Jesus brings.

Tap into His limitless resources, draw close and let Him keep nourishing your faith.

Faith step: Ask Jesus to make your faith as big as He is, not merely as big as your logic.

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