The Secret to a Consistent Devotional Practice

 Camy Tang shares how her relationship with Jesus grows through daily prayer.

- Posted on Aug 23, 2012

devotion time with God

I used to think that I only needed to read the Bible and pray a little during my devotional time, but now I’m realizing that I need to actually make a commitment to DO something to put my devotional into practice. I’ve seen my own faith grow because of that.

I start by listing 5 things I’m thankful for in my Gratitude Journal, an idea I got from reading Debbie Macomber. Then I read my Bible or do a little of my Bible study, and then I end in prayer. I also try to pray throughout the day to remind me of His presence and what I learned in my quiet time that morning.

I would often believe I needed to do intense Bible study for my quiet times since so many of my friends in college were doing that, but I’ve realized since then that each of us is different, and we each have different preferences for our quiet times. I prefer to read the Bible through and only do Bible studies occasionally. I think that each of us needs to figure out what works best for us, because that’s the only way to remain consistent.


Writing devotionals impacts my own spiritual life in so many surprising and deeply meaningful ways. As I study the Bible to choose scripture verses, God speaks to me through His Word, which is always a wonderfully personal experience. As I write the devotional, I keep in touch with God through prayer and He always convicts me on some aspect of my own life.

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