When You Doubt God's Love

A devotion excerpted from Time Out for the Spirit to help you remember God loves you every day!

by - Posted on Feb 28, 2015

A petal pulled from a daisy, playing the game, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not."

READ: Therefore my father loves me.—John 10:17

REFLECT: It was a beautiful day. As I headed home at the end of it, I heard two young girls giggling. They were sprawled on the lawn, pulling petals out of a daisy and chanting. He loves me... he loves me not... he loves me... Silly game, I said to myself. Someday they’ll know that true love isn’t ruled by chance.

But you know, old as I am, I’m often just as foolish when it comes to God’s love for me. I get a raise at work; God loves me. My hours get cut back; He loves me not. I get a good grade on my test; God loves me. I can’t get into a class I want; He loves me not.

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How silly of me! Why don’t I remember that God loves me all the time, that even my disappointments are part of the love? I don’t need a daisy to tell me that!

PRAY: It’s true, Father, that my understanding of Your love is sometimes that silly. Thank You for Your Word that assures me of Your love in all circumstances.

DO: Pull the petals off a flower and with each one declare, “He loves me, He loves me, He loves me.”

Excerpted from Time Out for the Spirit.

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