When Your Spirit Needs a Lift

Try this faith tip excerpted from Time Out for the Spirit.

by - Posted on Aug 1, 2015

a woman writing her blessings down

READ: Oh, give thanks to the Lord of lords!.…to Him who alone does great wonders….—Psalm 136:3–4

REFLECT: Has your life seemed lacking in miracles lately? Nothing to lift your heart? Nothing to make you glad you’re alive?

When I feel that way, I think of my favorite poetry book title, Who Tells the Crocuses It’s Spring? Then for 10 minutes I list similar questions, beginning with “Who?”

Who makes the trees turn all those beautiful colors in the autumn?

Who splashes silver rain in shining puddles?

Who makes the stars shimmer in the night?

Who gives me sight so I can delight in a cardinal’s brilliant crimson against the sparkling snow?

Who puts the love in my beloved Collie’s soft brown eyes?

God does. That’s who. And I bet you, too, can find the Who in your life that makes it all worthwhile.

PRAY: Praise You, Lord of lords, who alone does great wonders! I’m so grateful for the beauty of creation all around me and, especially, to know the One who created it.

DO: Make your own Who? list today and put it where you can see it daily.

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