Your Love Letter to Jesus

This Valentine's Day remember your true one and only love.

- Posted on Feb 9, 2013

Your  Love Letter to Jesus

No one has ever seen God, but God, the One and Only, who is at the Father’s side, has made him known. John 1:18 (NIV)

Do you remember those days of “first love?” I met my husband when I was just a young teenager. But it didn’t take me long to think that maybe he was the one. I was definitely in love.

I’m sure my girlfriends tired of my incessant talking about him. He consumed the totality of my conversations. When my parents finally gave me the okay to date, he became my “one and only.” After several years of dating, while in college, we married.

In our lifetimes we will experience many kinds of love: parental, marital, close friends, etc. But no matter how much we treasure those here on earth, there is One whose love is like no other. The Bible calls Him, “God the One and Only, who is at the Father’s side.” He is the One who helps us know what God’s love is like, because He “made Him known” when He came to earth.

When I think about Jesus in this way, I realize He is truly the lover of our souls—the One from whom all affection stems. Without Him, there’s no way we could ever understand or express any kind of love.

No matter how deeply we feel about our human relationships, they will disappoint us at some time. Their love will always be imperfect, because we are all flawed. But Jesus is truly the One and Only Love—the only One who will never reject us, never leave us, never hurt us, and who will always love us perfectly.

I “fell in love” with Jesus when I was an eight-year-old child. Through the years, my love for Him has grown stronger and deeper. I’ve failed Him many times, but He has always loved me.

I hope I never get tired of talking about Him.

Faith step: Is Jesus your One and Only Love? Write Him a love letter today, telling Him how you feel about Him

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