Grateful for What God Provides

“Teach me to see what I have been given, rather than what I haven’t...”

Posted in , May 22, 2013

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

I was reading the Book of Numbers recently and came across that familiar chant of the Israelites, “Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? There is no bread! There is no water!” In Numbers 21:5, the words were followed by another whine that made me laugh out loud: “And we detest this miserable food!”

I laughed because I complain about the manna in my life, too.

I eat every day, but want the luxury of eating out from time to time.

I have a place to live, but the tile in our 1933-era bathroom is awful.

My dresser is filled with clothes, most of which are old or make me look fat.

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Like the Israelites, I seem to want an upgrade from whatever God provides. It’s not a very attractive trait.

Fortunately, God’s been through this before. And fortunately he reminds me of what I need to do and say:

I’m sorry I’m greedy.
I’m sorry I don’t appreciate what you’ve done for me.
Teach me to see what I have been given, rather than what I haven’t.
Help me let go of my desires, and hold on to thankfulness.

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