Jesus Is the Key to Joy

What can you chase on earth that will bring you happiness?


Jesus Is the Key to Joy

My heart says of  you, “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek. Psalm 27:8

Are you discouraged today? Is your to-do list long enough to wrap around the state of Montana five times? Our discouragement always comes from chasing something—chasing order, chasing enough money to get a little bit ahead, or chasing a sense of accomplishment.

We may chase accomplishments, or peace, or the dream life we’ve always wanted, but the thing is, in this life we’ll never catch what we’re chasing. Ask any actor if he’s had enough fame. Ask any billionaire if he’s content with his bank account. Ask any model if she’s happy with her body just the way it is.

Our souls are made for eternity, for heaven, and for a relationship with Jesus. Our heart wants to connect with the One Who will make all the difference, yet the lures of this world draw us away. Author Jennie Allen says, “God is the only thing we will chase that doesn’t make us feel more empty.”

Pause for a moment and consider heaven. Think of the gates of pearl, the choirs of angels, and the throne where the Almighty sits. Can you picture the splendor and glory? It’s awe-inspiring, isn’t it? Then consider that what you imagine doesn’t come even close to the real thing.

Now think about what this world tells us to seek. The shiniest car on earth pales to the roads we’ll walk on in eternity. The finest meal looks like a sack lunch compared to Jesus’s banqueting table. The largest house on earth is a shack compared to Jesus’s home. And any praise you can receive will be like grumbling and mumbling when you think about Jesus’s eye meeting yours and His voice raising, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

What can you chase on earth that will bring you happiness? Jesus alone.

Faith step: Write a list of things you’d like to have and do on earth. Look over your list and then cross every item out, writing at the top: “Lord, Your face will I seek.”

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