Lord, Help Me to Be Faithful

Rather than plead to get what I want, I've learned to pray for clarity and discernment.

Posted in , Aug 28, 2013

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

We’re in the midst of not knowing which school one of our children will attend this fall. What’s more, none of the options we’re being given is what I’d call good. It’s more than a bit nerve-wracking.

I’m old enough to have learned (the hard way) that my first-choice solutions are not always the best ones. My desires are based on what I know, and there’s an awful lot I don’t know and can’t see. So rather than plead to get what I want, I've learned (the hard way) to pray for clarity and discernment.  

Jesus, help me accept this uncertainty as the cross you’ve asked me to bear today.

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 Lord, let me see what I need to see, even if I don’t want to see it.

Father, make it clear what I’m not supposed to do.

And finally, You are with me in all things, even the hard ones. Whatever happens, help me be faithful.

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