Make Time and Space for God

Having trouble hearing God? Try this spiritual practice.

- Posted on Jul 29, 2013

Mornings with Jesus contributer, Camy Tang

After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. 1 Kings 19:12 

On Sunday, I went into the church social hall to speak to a girl from the youth group. The noise was deafening. About fifty people were talking to one another, and I had to shout to ask my question.

Then I read this passage from 1 Kings. I wasn’t able to hear God’s gentle whisper in the noisy social hall. So how did I expect to hear Him in the time I carve out of my loud, busy life?

I did an experiment. I had heard about Lectio Divina, a spiritual practice that involves making time and space for God to speak to you. I took my Bible outside, sat in a lawn chair and read a verse over and over.

I contemplated various phrases and words. I paid attention to anything that jumped out at me. I asked God how He wanted me to apply what I learned. And then I was silent, still, knowing that God is.

Just as I’d had a hard time hearing the girl in the church social hall, I’d had a hard time hearing God in the midst of my busy life. But in the quiet of the backyard, the Holy Spirit spoke to me through the Word.

The time I carved out, the quiet space I retreated to, made all the difference in being able to hear God and know what He wanted from me.

Lord, speak to me through that powerful whisper You revealed to Elijah. Open my heart to what You have to say to me. Amen.

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