Scripture for When You Are Waiting

When God's answers come later than our time frame.


Scripture for When You Are Waiting

I'm sure now I'll see God's goodness in the exuberant earth. Stay with God! Take heart. Don't quit. I'll say it again: Stay with God. Psalm 27:13–14 (MSG)

Have you ever known anyone who viewed waiting as a beautiful thing? Me neither. It seems that most times when we ask for something in prayer, God's answers come later than our time frame. Rarely does it seem that He answers on the early side of things.

Why is that? Jesus is Lord, all powerful, all knowing, with kindness in His very being. Even when we understand that He will finish delivering any blessings in our lives that He starts, still the experience can be so hard we wonder if it will be worth it.

His reasons may be varied, but one particular reason lies in today's Scripture verses. It is easy to imagine having courage, but it is only through the practice of placing our courage in Christ that we grow. Outside of a difficult time, we can forget how much we need Him.

His waiting periods can be precious seasons of intimacy and deeper journeying with the One Who ordered the universe into motion, the same One Who sees each tear we shed as we learn to look to Him for the answer, to trust Him one more time.

As we wait close to Him, we are near enough to see Him more clearly, to hear His heartbeat that once was quieted into silence but overcame death to beat again forever.

Forever is the time frame He deals in. These earthly days and struggles are subject to His forever sovereignty. Someone who sticks close to the Lord through the struggle is truly a beautiful example of faith. Don't quit. Stay with Him and wait well. When you do, you will see profound realities of Who He is.

FAITH STEP: Talk to Jesus about a longing you or someone you care about is waiting for. Pour out your heart to Jesus, and end your prayer with words of faith.

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