Scripture to Solve Life's Little Problems

Scripture to Solve Life's Little Problems

A reminder to turn to God when you need help, no matter how small your problem is.

Turn to God for the Small Stuff Too

Cry out to me whenever you are in trouble; I will deliver you, then you will honor me.” Psalm 50:15 ( The Daily Life Bible )

I struggled to push back the rising panic. How in the world do I get myself in these messes? I groaned. I’d gone to the department store that evening to shop for a dress; it had been years since I’d bought one, and two weddings were coming up. I finally found a pretty peach dress with a side zipper.

Figuring I could wear a smaller size dress than pants, I pulled one off the rack and headed for the dressing room. As soon as I pulled the dress over my head, I saw that the sides of the zipper wouldn’t even come close to each other. So I tried to pull the dress off. It wouldn’t budge. I tried pushing it down over my hips. No chance.

Several times I grabbed the bottom edge and pulled upward. I was stuck. My husband was on a job assignment out of the country. My daughter had recently moved away. Should I call a friend to come to the store with a pair of scissors? Should I stick my head out of the dressing room and call a salesperson?

Then I thought about praying for help. And I’m not sure how, but I finally got out of that dress. I often find myself in situations that would be hilarious if they were scenes in a television sitcom, but in real life–not so much.

If the circumstances are the result of my own foolishness or poor choices, I don’t immediately think of praying for help. Yet I wouldn’t hesitate to call out to Jesus if I were in a serious emergency. Since Jesus loves me unconditionally, I should trust Him to respond to my cries anytime I need Him, whether I’m in mortal danger or just stuck in a too-small dress in a department store.

Faith step: This is week watch for any feelings of panic or helplessness that arise. Regardless of the situation, immediately recite Psalm 50:15, then ask Jesus to rescue you. Trust that He will answer.

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