Morning Prayer

Start your day by nourishing your soul! Begin your morning with prayer and align yourself with God’s will. Use these morning prayers to give everything in your day to God, asking Him to fill your spirit with His immense love

Morning Prayer

Lord for tomorrow and its needs I do not pray; but keep me, guide me, love me Lord, just for today.

Now that daylight fills the sky, we lift our hearts to God on high, that He, in all we do or say, would keep us free from harm today.

Dear Lord, thank You for the night’s rest you gave me. I am grateful for the renewed energy and enthusiasm it has brought. Accept my gratitude for bringing me to the beginning of this new day. I accept it as a precious gift from You. May I use it minute by minute to do Your will. Guide me in every problem I face, every decision I make this day. Help me to treat everyone kindly, fairly and thoughtfully. If I should forget You during this day, please do not forget me. Amen.

Lord, help me to remember this day that I am doing Your work.
Give me the patience to do it well;
Give me the grace to be kind;
Give me the energy to continue;
Give my hands the power to lift and work,
Give my tongue the sweetness to hum, sing,
share a prayer,
speak words of encouragement;
Give my mind peace and calm
and permission to ask for help when I need it;
Give my heart the love to persevere in Your work.