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Persistent prayer

How to Wait for an Answer to Your Prayers

Prayer requires us to believe, be patient and pray frequently while trusting God’s will.

5 Prayers for Safe Travel

5 Prayers for Safe Travel

Whether you are traveling on family vacation, business trip or even commutting to and from work, these prayers for safe travels will help you make it to your destination safe and worry-free.

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Woman admiring the view

6 Reasons to Pray with Your Eyes Open

The Bible doesn’t mention praying with eyes closed. Sometimes it’s more powerful to keep them open.

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Woman at Brooklyn Bridge

Faith as a Bridge to Healing

Hope for overcoming the overwhelming stresses of life, including grief and addiction

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Seeing Angels

The 18th-century theological thinker Swedenborg offers a lovely lesson in prayer.

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Questions that Jesus asked

5 Questions That Jesus Asked

Consider these Bible verse to help you grow in prayer.

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When you rest in the loving arms of God, you will always be comforted, no matter what.

Prayer Tips with Ty'Ann: Rest in the Comfort of God's Loving Arms

Try this powerful prayer tip when you seek comfort from the Lord.

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Woman praying

5 Ways to Pray Like Peter Marshall

Imagination, introspection, insight and integrity are wonderful aids to prayer.

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Depressed woman

Prayers for Comfort After a Death by Suicide

How to express our loss as well as lift up others who battle depression and hopelessness.

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5 Ways Prayer Journaling Can Keep You Sane

When you’re in the middle of a super-sized problem, a journal can help you unearth solutions and grow closer to God.

Woman praying

3 Tips on Prayer for Amateurs (Like Me)

You don’t have to be an expert to know how to pray. Just do it out of love—that’s at the heart of it.

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Summer garden

6 Ways to Pray with Flowers

How summer offers ways for your prayers to bloom.

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Woman in church

When You Don’t Want to Go to Church

In the middle of a deep and awful anger, finding that worship can soften a hard heart.

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Mountain moving faith

3 Ways to Have Faith Like Jesus

Pray boldly. Go out on a limb. Pray for things that can’t happen without God’s intervention.

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