A Wedding Prayer, Answered

She wanted to help with her daughter's wedding, but her funds were limited. Or were they?

- Posted on Feb 10, 2014

A mother adjusts her daughter's wedding dress.

My daughter, Katelyn, had received a first-class wedding proposal. Her boyfriend popped the question under Christmas lights in Philadelphia’s historic Rittenhouse Square Park. But could we afford a first-class wedding?

“I’m going to try to scrape together twenty-five hundred dollars,” I told Katelyn. Even as the words passed my lips, I didn’t know why I’d chosen that amount. I had some jewelry I could sell, but that wouldn’t do it. I worked part-time while caring for a relative, so a second job was out of the question.

Lord, you know my needs, so it doesn’t seem right to pray for an exact dollar amount.... But for some reason $2,500 stuck in my head.

A friend gave us two tickets to a wedding expo, hoping we could get some money-saving ideas. Katelyn and I saw lots of affordable options, and I felt so positive about our planning that I entered a raffle for a trip to Cancun.

By afternoon I was sure Katelyn would have that first-class wedding even if I could contribute much less than I’d hoped.

On our way out of the expo, we heard the announcement. “The winner of the trip to Cancun is–”

Katelyn gasped. It was me! Of course I gave the prize to Katelyn and her fiancé. My daughter would have a first-class wedding, and now a first-class honeymoon. Worth, believe it or not, $2,500.


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