An Angelic Turnabout

A woman's prayer for help with a DIY project is answered with a gust of wind.

- Posted on Aug 14, 2012

An artist's rendering of Sue's shed being righted by the wind

The old wooden shed in our backyard was falling apart. “We could get one from the store,” my husband, Fred, suggested one afternoon. “The ones you put together yourself. DIY.”

I groaned. Do-it-yourself never appealed to me. Too many things could go wrong. But that weekend we bought a new shed. The assembly was even harder than I imagined. By the time we put it together we were exhausted. All we had left to do was anchor it to the ground. “We can do that tomorrow,” Fred said.

But when I looked outside the next morning, the night wind had blown the shed 15 feet away from where we’d left it. It lay upside down in the grass. I called Fred to the window.

“We can’t flip it over again without breaking it,” I said to him. “Do we have to take it apart and put it back together again?” Fred shrugged. I can’t face having to start all over, I thought.

I went off to church, kicking myself for letting Fred talk me into this project. God, I prayed, we can’t do this ourselves. Can you send us some angels to help? Amen.

When I got home I went to find Fred in the backyard. The shed was sitting upright again! “How did you do it?”

“I didn’t,” Fred said. “The wind picked the shed up and turned it upright again!”

Our DIY project turned into a DIA project: Do it, angels!

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